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[IP] I can't explain this...

ok... I've been doing this for a while (watching sugars that is..) and I 
have noticed a response to -- of all things -- coffee.  I don't 
understand it.... there isn't anything *in* coffee...except caffiene.. 
yet other caffinated beverages (diet sodas) don't have the same affect... 
so I think I can rule out caffine pretty easy.  I have talked to some 
other diabetics that have had similar experiences, but I don't find the 
problem documented anywhere.... has anyone else noticed thi phenomena?  
If so do you know why it happens?  -- oh... when I say "a response" I 
mean my sugars go high...I put two packs of equal in it, and some non 
dairy creamer...supposedly virtually calorie free. (and I use very little)...

has anyone noticed this, or am I just some strange anomoly...

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