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Re: [IP] life scan case


LifeScan should take a lesson from Roche, and make their case similar to
that supplied with the Accu-Chek Complete. My Profile case (third one) is
made in the Dominican Republic, is holding up, but certainly doesn't look
as sturdy as the Complete. The Complete case's meter holder and strip
container holder are elastic strips, not plastic. Is it possible to
substitute a replacement piece like this when you repair your case?

I'm seriously considering returning to the Profile, for a number of
reasons, but will certainly keep the Accu-Chek case ;-)


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>Right after posting twice about the Lifescan Profile's case, testing before
>bedtime, my strip holder was broken, again.
>Also unlike Sam's case, made in USA, mine are all made in China.
>Out came the crazy glue.    {grin}

Bob Burnett

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