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Re: [IP] Dairy Queen Dietary Exchanges..

Hi Forrest,

I found 3 things called "Misty" from DQ.  

1) "Misty Strawberry Cooler" has 190 Cal., 0 gr. Prot., 49 gr. Carb., 0
gr. Fat, 0 gr. Chol.  

2) "Misty Regular Slush" has 290 Cal., 0 gr. Prot., 74 gr. Carb., 0 gr.
Fat, 0 gr. Chol.  

3)"Misty Small Slush" has 220 Cal., 0 gr. Prot., 56 gr. Carb., 0 gr.
Fat, 0 gr. Chol.

This information came from the book "The Complete Book Of Food Counts"
by Corinne T. Netzer.  It's purchase price is only $7.50 US.  The book
has listings for lots of restaurant and fast food as well as brand-name
and generic items from the grocery store.

Hope this helps you.

P.S.  We no longer have any DQ's in this city.  The last one went out of
business a short time ago.  My favorite thing was the "Chocolate Dipped

<< My favorite Dairy Queen treat:  Butterfinger Blizzard
for a small (12 oz) 520 Calories, 80g carb, 11g protein, 18g fat, 11g
fat, 35mg cholesterol..  hmmm.. and that's just the small..
hmmm, maybe I won't have that very often either..
but the Mister Misty has to be better than that.. I couldn't find a
chart for
anybody got a better chart for dairy queen and summertime fast food type

Forrest >>


	... Sue  :-)

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