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Don - infusion sites, was: Re: [IP] some questions...


A good picture which helps locate infusion sites is found on MiniMed's site


(hey, there's also links to this on the Pumper's web page. Everyone should
try to look at our site every so often. It gets added to, information gets
refreshed. It takes work to keep it going, so your visits are really
welcome ;-))

If you look closely at the diagram, you'll notice that the area immediately
above and below the navel are *not* used for sites. I'm one of those who
doesn't have a bunch of sub-Q real estate. I've found this chart helpful,
but since I'm not the one who posed for the picture, my favorite locations
vary a bit.

Remember not to go too deep with your infusion sets. This seems to be a
common problem and is easily remedied. The Tenders can be successfully
inserted at an angle as shallow as 10 degrees. This is "almost" parallel to
the skin surface. Don't go any "steeper" than the angle of a bent needle
set, (I think the bent needle is 45 degrees). I didn't believe this advice
when I first heard it, but when I tried it, I was convinced -  a lot more
comfortable. Most everyone I've mentioned this to has found the comfort
level much better with a shallow angle.

If you're using Humalog and notice a "stinging" or "burning" sensation when
you bolus, it's a fair bet that your set is either too deep or inserted at
too steep an angle. The burning sensation seems to be caused when the
insulin gets too close to the muscle wall when bolusing.

Try to be very regular about rotating your sites. I'm not as good as I
should be, and every so often am reminded when a site seems to stop
absorbing sooner than expected. This is easily remedied, and the sites seem
to recover quickly (much better on Velosulin than when I was using Humalog).

Don wrote:

>Sorry.  Some more details...
>I have a Disetronic pump, and am using Tender/Silhouettes.  I was told to
>use a circle around my navel and change every three days.  I think that
>the top and bottom of the circle may not work since it hurts more, 
>and there is much less (than none?) sub-q body fat.  I have seen in some
>Mini-Med literature that they recommend up the sides, roughly.  I think
>that is sort of where I will end up.

Bob Burnett

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