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[IP] Europeans...

Celine, Gunnar

Hi! No you're not the only Europeans around here. I'm British, but work
in Germany (in Mainz, but soon moving to Freiburg)

And then there's Erik, our Norwegian friend, and probably a few others
I've missed. Check out member profiles in the Members only area of the
IP website ;-)

What I find fascinating is that diabetes is essentially an identical
disease the whole world over, yet doctors in different countries have
completely different ways of treating it (once you've got beyond the
basics of taking some sort of insulin). Through the internet I've been
able to draw together what I consider to be "best medical practice" for
myself, which does NOT coincide with what any one doctor has ever
prescribed. For the first time in my life I'm "happy" about my
diabetes,  since I'm now running the show, and noone's keeping any
secrets from me. The internet can totally empower people with chronic
conditions like diabetes, and may ultimately change the doctor-patient

Best wishes

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