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[IP] life scan case

Sam wrote:

> LifeScan has replaced my Profile for the most trivial reasons... I once 
> even called because the carrying case had started to split... a new case 
> was instantly sent. Service like that makes loyal customers. 

I have gone through 4 cases in less than a year....service like that ought to
be re-designed!!!  If I had access to my sewing machine I'd make one that
doesn't fall apart - my meter takes some abuse, but I don't even take it out
of the case.  The little plastic thing holding it in, just rips out!  I have
dropped the pump with no problem, but can see it being a problem if I were to
drop it say, as I was testing standing over the toilet

oh well...gotta give those kids in mexico SOMEthing to do for their 12 cents
an hour, right?

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