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[IP] diabetes en francais

Hey Don, and anyone else interested....

Despite Mary jean's claim that I am fluent...I can get by (and have done so
often), so I will give ya what I can.  Spelling may not be right, and if I
can, I will write it out phonetically...hey how about Cecile en Switzerland -
bet she speaks some french...and Judy 102 - I think she speaks some too =

Soooo  here is the fran-glais version of diabetes

Je suis diabete (juh swee dee-uh-bet)  = I am diabetic

Je veut savoir le sucre dans mon sang (juh vuh sah vwor luh sookr don mow
sang) = I want to know how  much sugar is in my blood

Celui-ci me donne l'insulin toute le temps(Suh looey see muh dun lan-sue-lan
too luh tahn) = this thing here gives me insulin all the time (can't remember
how to say "pump"  8-o

quand je mange, je prende un peu plus (kan juh mahnj, juh prawn un puh ploo) =
when i eat, I take a little more.

Sous le peau (sue luh puh) = under the skin

au lieu de picures (oh lee yuh duh peekurs) = instead of shots

examen de sucre (exah man duh sookr) = test of the blood

Je peut manger comme je veut. (juh puh manjay cohm juh vuh) = I can eat how I

Je prend l'insulin pour les choses que je veut manger (juh prahn lan sue lan
poor ley shows kuh juh vuh mahnjay) = I take insulin for the things I want to

voudrais-vous du gateau? (voodray voo due gahtoe) = would you like some cake?

any corrections or additions are welcome

*-)=B xoxx
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