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Re: [IP] running on low

Kirez,  Thanks for your post.  I think you may have answered my question.
This happened when I first started running about one and a half years ago.
After several bad experiences with this, I have not let my BG get low while I
run.  I do this by checking my BG every 3 miles.  This has worked for me to
keep my BG up.  I have been lifting weights for the same amount of time so
maybe, because I am stronger, this would be less likely to happen.  I am sure
I have more red than white muscle.  I can run for quite awhile, but I have
little power.  My legs are solid muscle, but that front thigh muscle is very
weak.  I have been doing alot of exercises to strengthen them, but they are
sort of pathetic.  I know this because I can't bicycle worth a flip.  I am a
strong swimmer and an OK runner, but biking is a killer for me.  If you know
anything about weight-lifting maybe you can tell me if there is a point where
you can't build a muscle any more.  You know, the muscle is just going to be
weak.  I'm just curious about that.  I laughed when I read about your head
running.  I have had that same thing.  I lost all feeling in my legs, then my
body.  It was great.  I felt like I could run forever.  I don't remember if my
BG was low or not.  Is it LBG (low bg) or RH (runner's high)?  Anyway, I
enjoyed THAT run.  BTW, I have hypo unawareness so I don't get the warning
signs.  I don't mind checking my bg when I run, but I don't really want to
when I am in a race.  ellen  
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