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Re: [IP] some questions...

Don,  I am also thin and I use the disetronic tender which is the same as the
silhouette by minimed.  It works the best for thin people I think.  I tried
them all and I like this one the best.  I have alot of stomach muscle and I
put the needle in almost parallel to my stomach, an angle of maybe 25 degrees
at the most.  It is comfortable and withstands heavy exercise very well.  If I
go any deeper, I might hit muscle so I try to keep it shallow.  Also, I
sympathize about your sensitive stomach.  I remember when I first started
giving shots in my stomach, they hurt badly to me.  Of course, that was many
many years ago.  I don't know how long you have been doing the stomach
injection, but you get desensitized to it.  I put my tender in my upper
stomach only because I have better absorption there.  Time will help this
process become easier and I believe others on this site have suggested ice to
freeze the area before you insert the needle.  Good luck.  ellen
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