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Re: [IP] some questions...


What type of infusion sets are you using? This detail is important and will
impact the recommendations. A short note with these details and other info
re: your rotation schedule, pattern, etc. are useful.


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>Hello list,  
>I have some about pumping, some and not.  
>I am fairly slender (not much sub-cutaneous fat) and, besides being queasy
>about sticking something into my abdomen, I am have some problems getting
>the infusion sets to go in and to go in "comfortably."  I think I have
>found that doing the whole circle around the navel won't work - the top of
>the circle is too sensitive and the bottom is behind my belt.  I am open
>to any and all suggestions that might make this easier to deal with.
>There have been times in the three and a half weeks I have been on this
>thing that I was ready to rip it out and find those syringes and
>NPH...except the control is so much nicer with the pump that I doubt I
>will ever do that.  Anyway, suggestions?
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