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[IP] ?? Used Pump ??

Has anyone else ever been given a used pump when they first got one?  My
insurance company gave me an old pump (which I dont believe was ever sent
back to Minimed to be checked out), and said that I'm not to go through
Minimed for support, but through this company, if something happens to the
pump.  They have another backup pump for me in case mine breaks.  But
apparently the *company* owns the pump, not me; it's not registered to me,
and I'm afraid that when I graduate at the end of this year, they'll take
the pump away.

Can anybody help give me some perspective on this?  Minimed is causing
heck with my company trying to sue them, my fiance wants to sue them for
putting me in a bad situation, giving me "bad training," and possibly
taking my pump away.



Ann Arbor, Michigan

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