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Re: [IP] my race

At 09:34 PM 6/30/98 , Barbara wrote:
>Great effort, Kirez, and a very good learning experience.  Did you lower your
>basal rate for the recovery time?

uh...no. (looking sheepish)  I never thought of it. 

Geez, that's going to be tough to learn. I find my recoveries seem to vary
a great deal. Still, it makes sense, especially after long races. At the
very least, I could drop to a basal rate of 0.7 from my usual 1.0, and hold
that about 16 hours.

Thank you very much for mentioning it -- it never even remotely occurred to
me, and it may save me considerable grief in the future. I mentioned that I
woke at 44 on Monday morning, day after my race, but I didn't mention that
I gave myself my morning wake-up bolus, and a breakfast bolus, then went
slowly to the shower, and by the time I was done and trying to get dressed,
I was completely incoherent and unable to think straight, forgot about my
breakfast altogether, was trying to figure out whether I should wear
cycling shorts for underwear or just go to the office in them (???!!!!) --
and I concluded the dilemma by laying down on the bed and passing out, not
to recover until 9 am.

So, yes, a basal adjustment might be a good idea!

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