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Re: [IP] my race

Celia wrote:

>Slower paced training rides(20% slower) or runs (15% slower), however almost
>always required lots of carbohydrate to keep me out of trouble - sometimes
>than 60g/hour...
>Likely the difference is due to the adrenaline and other hormones produced in
>competetive situations...

This fits perfectly with my experiences -- I was always amazed that races
seemed to go better for me, blood sugar-wise, than training runs. I never
even thought about the epinephrine connection.

These insights I've just gotten from you and Barbara are great -- based on
this, I should really be looking forward to the book on insulin and exercise!

BTW, Celia, I also had a recent hypo on my bike. I don't bike much so I
haven't had experiences with these. It was just like you described: I
didn't realize I was hypo. Fortunately I remained coherent enough to figure
it out when my body started doing really weird things: my arms started
having spasms, and the spasms started extending themselves into my torso,
about the time I jerkily walked into my local diner and got a spaghetti
dinner and sweet iced tea really fast. Afterwards, I couldn't remember
going into the diner or what happened when I got there, so I asked the girl
at the cash register if I was behaving strangely -- "Oh yes!" she said. She
said I was bobbing my head around! When I said I was diabetic, another girl
there, who I see in there more often, understood immediately and said if
she'd known she would have given me an OJ. It's great to have people like
that around.

When it happened, I was immediately thinking of all of you here on IP --
and I didn't want to tell about it because I was ashamed, and it was at the
same time that we were having that discussion on diabetics being
responsible for their hypos, etc.

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