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RE: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete & Camit


As far as I know the complete measures whole blood, it says on the bottle 
of strips. As far as the software it will be later. Camit is sold to 
healthcare professionals, no version is available to us plain old users. 
This made me very upset for it was the main reason I bought the darn thing. 
According to the Diabetes Mall the adapter will be different for the 
Advantage and the Complete. The home use software is said to be out with in 
three months. I hope sooner, I am tired of graphing BS all the time.


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I was given a loaner of an Accu-Chek "Complete" meter to try out.  Does
anyone know if this meter measures whole blood values or serum/plasma
values?  I can't find anything about this in the owner's manual.

I am also curious about some software called "Camit" that is supposed to
work with the "Complete" and "Profile" meters.

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