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Tongue in Cheek, was: Re: [IP] my race


Sounds like this race was a bit more interesting than you had bargained for!

>I woke up at 3am, just 4.5 hours before my race would start, feeling sickly
>high. I had gone to bed with my BG 90 and at 3am it was 393. Then, as I
>tried to bolus to get my BG down, I got "no delivery," repeatedly. 
I've had this happen (pre pump) prior to long (25K) cross country ski
races. I always wondered if it was my bod getting ready for the upcoming
event. Without the pump, getting my BG in line by start time was a major

 >By 7am, as we were organizing our equipment (I was placed next to Team
>Playboy, which consisted of two former playmates and a personal trainer,
>they were quite gregarious and affectionate, if a little ditzy and
>exhibitionistic), my BG was at 175, and I had eaten 2 power bars and some
>crackers for brkfst.

Here's where I would have stopped ... and lingered ..... a long time. Since
this environment was obviously contributing to dropping your BG to good
levels, I would have done everything to remain within that environment for
as long a time as possible, making absolutely certain I was very
comfortable. Sometimes it's necessary to abandon prior race strategy in
favor of another plan when the unexpected happens.

Having you in the immediate vicinity would also have made the Team Playboy
"personal trainer" person unnecessary (what do they really do, anyway).
Since you're a pumper, you know a lot about health and pacing and hey, what
else is there to "training", anyway? You could have easily filled that role.

Now you know who to pick for teammates for future endeavors - these folks
are obviously good for your BGs, but if you don't stay near them, it
appears your BG drops dramatically ;-)

Sorry - I couldn't resist.

Bob Burnett

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