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Re: [IP] some questions...

Don Francisco wrote:
> I am fairly slender (not much sub-cutaneous fat) and, besides being queasy
> about sticking something into my abdomen, I am have some problems getting
> the infusion sets to go in and to go in "comfortably."  I think I have
> found that doing the whole circle around the navel won't work - the top of
> the circle is too sensitive and the bottom is behind my belt.  

Maybe because it isn't a whole circle, it's 2 kidney shaped areas each side
of the navel. The higher domed areas (at least on some people) are the
fatty tissue you should put the site in, the lower lying areas in the middle
are mostly muscle, so you shouldn't use them anyway.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42+ years, MM506 pump for 4.5 years
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