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[IP] Fear not, John!


I think that it's really important for us to realize that, as members of
this list, we're all equal in terms of  "having diabetes", and I hope that
the operating principle behind this list is that we are all welcome to
discuss issues which involve diabetes in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

There is quite an assortment of characters in this mailing list, and this
can lead to some interesting and useful interchanges! Most issues in the
"real world" aren't ruled by absolutes, and I for one, like to hear as many
different perspectives as possible while I am ever-developing my own views.
Certainly I enjoyed and learned from your reply to the original post!

So please keep posting!

(who wants to be a classical musician in her next life).

John Neale wrote:

> Kirez (and Celia)
> Thanks for discourse on diabetes and the law, amongst other things. I
> found your views very illuminating. I didn't dare wade back in, as you
> seem to heavily out-gun me! I hope we touch this one again though.
> Thanks.
> John
> (who wants to be a doctor in his next life, and perhaps a lawyer in the
> one after that :)

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