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Re: [IP] My First Complaint about Better Living Now 2nd attempt

Follow ups take planning and intelligence.

On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 6:23 PM John H
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Somehow I hit the send key too early!
> I have been using them for Dexcom G5 supplies for years and it has been
> painless.
> On December 4th I called them to order transmitters.  I heard nothing.
> About 2 weeks later I called and asked about the status.   They said they
> hadn't received the prescription from my Doctor. So I called my Doctor and
> they said they had faxed it back on December 7th.  I asked them to fax
> another and I confirmed the next day that BLN had it.  Another week goes by
> and still nothing.  I call BLN and they say they need the Doctor's notes.
> I call the Doctor and ask them to resend the notes.   Now BLN need
> insurance authorization, which I thought they got on 12/28, but apparently
> they didn't.   They are now following up every few days, but it still
> hasn't gotten through.  They last tried on 1/7.
> There are several things that are annoying about this.  In December I had
> reached my maximum out of pocket so the transmitters would have cost me
> zero.   In January, god only knows how much they will cost.  I may forego
> them and get a battery replacement in an old one.  Second, why the heck are
> they using faxes.   It's real easy to lose thing things that way.  Third,
> why don't they have a follow up system.  If they fax the doctor and hear
> nothing back, shouldn't they follow up automatically and not require me to
> get involved every other day?
> I guess it's terrible everywhere (and Edgepark is worse) but I needed to
> vent.
> Thanks
> John
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