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Re: [IP] MEDTRONIC is failing big time!

All works well until something goes wrong and then you are out $$$. Then what?

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 > On Jan 10, 2019, at 5:41 PM, Liliana Wells
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> My advice is more practical.  Reuse one or two reservoirs, so you can
> save one or two in case you run low.  Obviously, the customer service
> at Medtronics is not what it use to be.  I have heard that many times.
> As with other bad customer service anywhere, hit them where it hurts,
> stop doing business with them next time your pump's warranty comes up.
> Do not buy from them.  When a salesperson calls you making a pitch for
> how wonderful their pump is, tell them why you are not choosing
> theirs.  If this happens often enough, they may listen.  It is
> unfortunate that the market is so limited right now.  It is also why I
> am sticking to my old pumps and old supplies.  I would get too upset
> at this ineptitude.  Maybe more new pumps will come into the market
> and then we can give them a chance.  Good luck
> On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 3:30 PM Kathleen Kienle
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I have had a Medtronic pump for over twenty years. They make a reliable pump
>> but in recent time they are not reliable with their pump supplies. The pump
>> means nothing without supplies.
 >> I am on Medicare therefore myself and Medtronic are held to follow many
>> with no wiggle room. I always call and place my order when I open the second
> to
>> last box of silhouette. This insures that I have all my required paper work
> in
>> place when I place my order down the line. When I am down to five
> silhouettes, I
>> change my site every two days, and three reservoirs I call to have my order
 >> shipped. When I call they verify when I saw dr last which requires me to
> dr
>> fax them a sheet telling them when I was there last if not Medtronic has to
> call
 >> dr and sometimes this takes days. They then go over my order once again and
 >> request next day delivery by 10:30 and pay 15.00 for that privilege. This
> I
>> do not have to stay home all day waiting for UPS delivery which I or someone
> has
>> to sign for. I know no one who would sit all day to do this.
>> Then they tell me the reservoirs are backlogged and they are not sure when
> they
>> will be in. Alter all of this, this is what they told me in Oct and todayb s
>> This means that if I have them ship silhouettes today and reservoirs
> hopefully
>> next week, I have to arrange to be here twice to sign and this may impact my
>> next order time wise.
>> The last time their b customer no service systemb was able to locate the two
>> boxes of reservoirs I needed and this time they will try to do this but no
>> guarantees. If they do find some to ship me it would take 24 to 48 hrs and
> most
>> likely not get to me until Monday because of the weekend. If I have an
>> appointment Monday I guess they will have to try another day. I am TOTALLY
>> DISGUSTED WITH MEDTRONIC, they just donb t give a dam.
>> Does anyone know someone at a high level at Medtronic who I could discuss
> this
>> with. I just keep going around in circles.
>> Thanks and sorry this is sooo long
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