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[IP] MEDTRONIC is failing big time!

I too am on Medicare and hit nothing but stall spots with Medtronic.  My
doctor would show me copies of faxes b sometimes as many as four b she had
answered them with to substantiate my visits which we kept tightly scheduled
to six months.  Medtronic would claim they never received a response from her
office.  It would sometimes take 2-3 weeks to a month and many, many phone
calls to get supplies.   The same thing was happening with her other Medicare
patients.  It looks like Medtronic does not want to deal with Medicare.

It got to be so bad that when I had the option to change pumps after 20 years
I decided to go with Tandem.  So far I am very happy with the pump and
Tandem's supply chain.  Their newest pump can also eventually be updated with
software.  I knew I did not want the Medtronic 630 so this Tandem has so far
been the answer.

The only disadvantage is slight and they are working on it.  They do not have
as many people on their support line so I have had to wait a while to get
called back.  I was told today they are hiring more people.  This company is
trying to do all the right things like Minimed did before it became Medtronic.

Good luck.


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> MEDTRONIC is failing big time!
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