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[IP] Libre sensor - arghh!

Into day 8 of my first sensor and the darn thing came off when I was dressing. 
Checked both it and my skin and there was absolutely no sticky residue. I've 
 never had issues with infusion sets sticking but I do insert sets through
Flexifix. This prevents the set from moving even a little so the site doesn't 
 become irritated. Has anyone put something like Flexifix under or over a

 I had a problem unscrewing the cover from the applicator as some have mentioned
 but then realized that there are a few points that actually have to break
it can be twisted. So turn it until it seems to stop and then try forcing it 
just beyond that. After you hear the little crack it should easily unscrew.

 My initial experience with the Libre has been fantastic. I put the first sensor
in so it would be active the next morning. Within the first few hours it 
 revealed something I never would have guessed about my morning trend. I often
low by lunchtime. But it's really a tall peak - up and down. I already take a 
portion of my breakfast bolus early so I've been trying to figure out how much 
more I have to take early to lower that peak. And it's been fairly accurate as 
 compared to my finger sticks, especially when the line is pretty flat. Which it
 usually is more so than I ever thought, mostly in the afternoon. I need to work
on morning and evening meal bolusing.

Former Abbott Navigator user
Pumping with t:slim X2
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