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Re: [IP] Help on Medtronic Revel 723 required

 Hi Rupesh, yes you can Bolus with the remote just as reliably as using the easy
bolus. Where do you wear your pump? Unless you really hide the pump under your
clothing like some woman do, I found just using the pump was much easier. Once
you memorize the button positions and the vibration feedback you can easy Bolus
in the dark, no need to pull your pump out.

 Yes you could fill your reservoir from a pen, but why? It would cost more and
not be very efficient, plus entail a bunch of steps. The reservoirs are designed
to be filled from bottles.

 The 723 is a good pump, but it is four generations old, if you have the option,
wait for the 670.


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> Can Medtronic Revel 723 users please help me in understanding a few things as
> I'm going to upgrade myself onto it this coming week.
> Queries as follows:
> 1) Is the Remote control supplied with Medtronic Revel 723 pump reliable
> enough for bolus. As mentioned in my earlier mail, it can be really good if
> boluses can be given without taking out the pump while playing some sport or
> when I am between people where I wouldn't want to take out the pump - like in
> office meetings.
 > 2) Would the Reservoir MMT 332A be good with the Novopen Penfill - asking
> question as I saw a few videos on youtube however the insulin shown were in
> bottles rather than penfills (sorry for a silly question).
> 3) Any other experiences / suggestions / recommendations would be great for
> Revel 723 pump usage.
> Thanks,
> Rupesh
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