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[IP] Re: (IP) Quick Set users

 I gave up on Quicksets or any straight in sets about ten years ago when I was
having a lot of problems. I've used the Silhouettes ever since with great
results. A few months ago I tried Quicksets again because I was exploring new
sites and new types of sets to alleviate some scarring and overused site issues.
Out of eight Quicksets five worked great and three were a disaster. By that I
mean I thought they were inserted properly until a couple of hours later when I
felt horribly sick, threw up, etc., and had blood sugars rapidly climbing to
400. When I removed the set I saw that the cannula was bent and was totally on
the surface of my body, not actually inserted. I used the inserter in all cases.
Apparently it must have gone in, hit muscle or scar tissue and then bounced out,
with me not knowing it. Three out of eight failures was enough to make me never
touch them since. That's why I gave up on them ten years ago too. That happened
too many times.
 That problem didn't happen where I could really pinch up a good inch, but if I
put them anywhere more lean, forget it. Also the places I can pinch an inch are
on my stomach where my clothes would rub against them and also cause them to
dislodge, or on my upper butt and love handles. In those latter areas they'd be
fine all day but then at night when I lay on them there would be problems with
them getting bent or occluded probably because they were being smashed into
muscle. So I'm back to Silhouettes and don't have any of those problems. I can
put them everywhere, even places where I can't pinch an inch, lie on them, etc.,
and all is well. Pam
<The Quickset gave me nothing but problems. When they worked OK, they lasted a
day or two but for the most part they were unreliable for me. I tried most of
the other ones and had bad luck also.>
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