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[IP] Re: IP: Interesting

Were you trying to upgrade on the pathway program or were you buying a brand
new pump to replace an out of warranty pump? I'm in the process of doing the
latter and they were super responsive and fast with me. In fact they called me
as soon as my warranty was up last month to discuss replacing my pump. They 
instantly verified my insurance and were ready to ship the 530G same day. Then
when I said I wanted to try out an Enlite sensor first to see how I liked it
compared to the old sensor, they immediately contacted their local sales rep
to give me a sample Enlite to use, which I'm wearing this week (it actually
works with the 523G too). They''ve called twice already this week to see how I
liked it and if I was ready to have the new pump shipped. I am not on Facebook
so none of this had to do with me being public anywhere. Of course I know
they're anxious to make a $5000 sale.

However when I spoke to them I did say that I heard others complain about a
backlog getting the 530G and they said that that was true for those upgrading
on the pathway program because inventories were low, but that for people
buying a new one they have enough inventory. They also said that now their
inventory problem is solved even for those upgrading. Pam

<Well, I have posted a few comments to Medtronic via Facebook. Yesterday I got
call from someone in the shipping dept. She wanted to know if I wanted
SofSensors or Enlites. Seems my pump (that I only ordered a week ago, via the
online page) will be shipping soon. Am I getting preferential treatment
of having posted to their Facebook page, or have others here also learned
won't have to wait 90 days?!>
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