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Re: [IP] Total daily carbohydrate count

Something you are eating is causing problems. Unfortunately, it's not easy
to figure out what it is, because every body is different. Some can
tolerate wheat, some cannot. Some can tolerate dairy, some cannot. The hard
part is that there may be several things you can't tolerate, and you can't
eliminate everything, because you still need to eat.

The really tough part is that there isn't a quick test to find out if you
shouldn't eat something. (I asked my allergist once, and he said there is a
quick test for airborne allergies, but not dietary ones.) You have to take
the potential problem food out of your diet for a week or more, and keep
logs, before you can find out which is the problem.

Consider this an adventure experiment!

Two common problem foods are dairy and wheat. Another is soy, but if you
remove all of those, there isn't much left to eat.

I would experiment with dairy and wheat first, because that would seem to
be compatible with your current diet. Be extreme for a week with a
non-dairy, non-wheat diet, and then see how you are doing. If there is no
change, then it may be something else.

To eliminate wheat, substitute other grains, like rice, corn, buckwheat
(apart from its name, it has no relation to wheat), quinoa, etc.

I would also stop yogurt, because even though its lactose may have been
converted, it still has some of the milk protein that may cause an allergy.
Also stay away from butter, cream, whey, etc. There are things you can
substitute, such as margarine (but don't eat too much), nut milks, or goat
milk (goat has a different protein).

In my personal experience, I had a nasty rash for years until I finally
figured out it was a dairy allergy. Since I have stayed away from all dairy
products I have not been bothered by it.

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