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Re: [IP] Total daily carbohydrate count

If your total daily intake drops too low, your body figures it out and 
your metabolism slows down. That will prevent weight loss.

About 10 months ago, I stopped eating wheat.  No bread, buns, toast, 
cereal, breaded fishsticks or anything.  Gluten-free soy sauce (because 
soy sauce is made with wheat), threw out almost every mix that I had in 
the house.  Gained weight at first, then lost it.  Best thing about this 
is that I am not hungry.  Wheat is so much like sugar that it goes right 
through you.

Protein supplies essential amino acids -- it's not a good idea to skip 
eating any.  Can you have eggs? Is cheese allowed?

Good Luck!
Denise Br.
On 1/28/2014 1:18 PM, SomeoneSomewhere wrote:
> My nutritionist gave me a 1,200-1,600 calorie diet. She refuses to 
> give me anything lower than 1,200 calories.
> From what I gather each serving other than protein is 15 grams of 
> carbs. I am going to skip the protein. It's making me crazy to figure 
> out how many grams of carbs that is.
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