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[IP] Re: hospital visit

I just have to share my visit to our new UPMC Women's Hospital in Erie, PA,
rated one of the top 10 in the US.  I checked in at 7am, and as usual was
thinking they would take me in first as they usually do T1 diabetics.  So, I
am all prepped and ready for a quick D&C and after waiting for 2 hours I ask
what is going on, you can't let me just sit here and fast with my pump
running.  The nurses said I would have to talk to my doctor as they are not
allowed to do anything.  Well, she of course is in surgery!  I got angrier as
time passed by and by 11:30 my doc finally appeared.  I asked what is the deal
and she said your surgery was not scheduled until 10:30!  I said no one has
ever made me fast for this long, what are you people thinking?  Of course she
apologized and went off to see what had happened.  She came back and said as I
had been scheduled before and that had been cancelled it had been overlooked
that I was a diabetic and I had been told to come and check in at the wrong
time.  I said to her, but you knew and so did everyone since I got here, this
looks pretty bad for this hospital.  No one could have cared less.  My doctor,
who I love, said do you want your surgery today?  I said are you kidding,
after all of this of course I do.  Then I had them test my BG and it was 97 so
I was scared to go low and suspended.  Of course it had gone up to 218 while I
was in surgery but I doubt they had any idea what to do if I did go low so I
had no other choice.

I made it thru and was taken up to my beautiful room looking over the bay and
the nurse said you should order food as it takes time to get it.  I called the
kitchen and they said they had no info on me!  I called nurse and she said she
would take care of it but when my husband called kitchen again they said no
info yet but they would call nurse while he held, but no one would answer
phone at nurses desk so my husband had to go find one.  Let me tell you, I got
out of there so fast.  It was pretty scary.  I know they can't be educated
about diabetes like we are, but wow, this was the worst experience I have ever
had.  I fasted for well over 12 hours and so what was their attitude.  I laid
in a tiny cubicle for 5 hours with nothing to do but wait, and so what?  Is
that what has become of our healthcare system now?  I am thinking I should
call the hospital administrator but would he/she even care I had such a bad
experience?  I am lucky my glucose level did not go low!  If I ever have
surgery again I am having a long talk with the doctor and the scheduler.  I
asked them how this could happen in 2014 or were they living in 1954?  Some
hospitals are just nice to look at, but stay out of those gowns!

Barbara Smith
T1 55yrs
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