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Re: [IP] Completely bummed

 I also use reservoirs as long as possible. Months even. I find I usually change
them when I lose the extra parts to fill them.

I bought 20 when I ordered my pump July 2010 and have 12 left ? 

 My sets usually get changed every 5 days or so. When my blood just won't go
down even after correcting etc. Or if it's starting to hurt.

 I have also reused a set while waiting for new sets to be sent. Our health
can't be put on hold for the mail.

Sometimes I just take a break for a day too and take old fashioned shots. 


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 > On Jan 26, 2014, at 8:37 AM, "John S Wilkinson" <email @ redacted>
> I have used reservoirs for 30 days or more. I just fill 3 reservoirs at a
> time and keep them in the Fridge. When one runs out I just replace it with
> the next one.
> I put the used one in the fridge. When they are all used I just refill them
> and put them back in the fridge. When the plunger gets stiff pushing it in I
> sometimes replace that reservoir.
> I also use the Quick set for longer times ten 3 days. I Have reached 20 days
> with one of them. I just wash the area with Ivory Bar Soap. Dry it good use
> Mastisol Liquid Adhesive and apply the set.
> I only use 29 units of U-500 per day in the pump. I use the set until I see
> or feel a problem. I do not scar easily so that has not been a problem, BUT
> YMMV. I have had one that has turned pink and itched. I replaced it and
> covered up the old spot with a small circular band aid covered with triple
> antibiotic ointment. It healed in 3 days with no problem, not even a scar.
> John S Wilkinson
> Rome, NY
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> From: email @ redacted
> [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf Of Urb Anism
> Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2014 3:36 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Completely bummed
> Here's how I did it. I would make sure I scrubbed the insertion site when I
> took my shower that day, with a rough wash cloth or loofa--a bit of
> exfoliation for better adhesion. Then, fill the reservoir for the number of
> days of insulin I wanted to use the set (I reused reservoirs also). See your
> daily use on the pump, multiply by number days you need to use the set, etc.
> I cleaned the insertion site thoroughly as always. Everything else was the
> same, mainly more insulin in the reservoir. There are other Pumpers who do
> this. I did it with very few ill effects: a couple of times, absorption was
> reduced. A few other times, the site became slightly inflamed, and I removed
> the set. Oddly enough, the very last time I did this, both happened
> simultaneously. (This only happened that one time, thank goodness).
> Extended use worked better on my torso than on alternative sites.
> You probably won't have to keep the sets in for as long as I did. (!) I have
> heard of people using sets for MUCH longer than I ever did, however, with no
> ill effects. Even an additional day can extend supplies. I had zero
> noticeable effects after one additional day, regardless of the site. In
> general, I had very few noticeable effects with extended use of infusion
> sets, but there are unseen effects such as scarring, the aforementioned
> absorption issues, and potential infection. I can honestly say, from
> personal experience, that these are unlikely. YMMV!
> As soon as I got a pump, I stopped having to take 7 or 8 shots a day.
> Lantus and its friends didn't work. The pump and several basals did. So I
> did what I had to to stay on it. I hope your situation looks brighter soon.
> You came to a wonderful forum for help to keep pumping. You might get told
> off, and quoted out of context, but you will get help!
> Good luck!
> B
>> On Saturday, January 25, 2014, Rick Priore <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> Thank you so much for the kind words can you explain to me in detail 
>> how you go about using the sets a little bit longer On Jan 25, 2014 
>> 1:09 PM, "Urb Anism" <email @ redacted<javascript:;>>
>> wrote:
>>> Rick,
>>> Quite frankly--and I wouldn't recommend this if I hadn't done it for
>> nearly
>>> two years--you can use infusion sets for more than three days. *It's 
>>> not ideal, unlike the rest of a poor diabetic's life.* People who 
>>> live in a perfectly insured, well-funded world will be shocked and 
>>> appalled. And will chew you out. Over here in the real world, however...
>>> I extended a few months of generously donated sets to two years 
>>> because I was dead serious about staying on the pump, uninsured, too
> sick to work.
>>> Donators are lifesavers, right? I know that. But even they couldn't
>> supply
>>> two years worth of pump supplies. So.
>>> Using sets an extra day (or ten!) can help when both supplies and 
>>> cash
>> are
>>> low. It's your choice. This is an emergency option that with care, 
>>> can
>> make
>>> your supplies last longer.
>>> Meanwhile, blessings, good luck, and joy to you and your precious son!
>> You
>>> are wealthy indeed.
>>> B
>>> On Friday, January 24, 2014, Rick Priore
> <email @ redacted<javascript:;>>
>> wrote:
>>>> Being a type 1 since I was 9 years old and now going on 43 I 
>>>> finally
>> let
>>> it
>>>> get to me. I always find myself struggling to get supplies mainly 
>>>> quick sets my insurance charges an arm and a leg I'm sure just 
>>>> like everyone
>>> else
>>>> and I like a lot of other people fall into the category of the 
>>>> working poor. I had help from a few members on here and I feel 
>>>> like they were
>>> angel
>>>> sent from heaven so tonight as I was switching sites I realize I'm 
>>>> completely out of supplies a box of old Kwikset I have I opened 
>>>> and had never seen a connecting and like this before so as I reach 
>>>> for it
>> that's
>>>> when it hit me I have one 9 millimeter Kwikset left which they 
>>>> tend to
>>> not
>>>> work very well on me because im sowie I normally use a 6 
>>>> millimeter so
>> I
>>>> call mini Med to see if they could send me emergency supply which 
>>>> will
>>> last
>>>> me for 6 days since I change every 3 days and I waited for 47 
>>>> minutes
>> for
>>>> them to answer the phone and the person that got on the phone was 
>>>> completely oblivious to anything I was trying to explain to her it
>>> sounded
>>>> like she was reading directly from a manual trying to solve my 
>>>> problems
>>> so
>>>> now lol I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world I'm
>> going
>>> to
>>>> get supplies after spending close to 2,000 dollars to move me and 
>>>> my
>> son
>>>> into an apartment from which I was staying with a friend for 7 
>>>> months
>> yes
>>>> its very very difficult to try and raise a five year old in 
>>>> someone
>>> else's
>>>> house and also deal with the everyday stress and worry you have of 
>>>> the disease if anyone could offer up any kind of suggestions or 
>>>> help I
>> would
>>>> greatly appreciate it.
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