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Re: [IP] Frustrated, need to vent!

I'm also sorry to hear of everything you've got going on. A lot of your
troubles sound like dominos to me, one problem adding to another. It sure
sucks. Before jumping on those who are trying to help though, you need to
be a little patient with us. You simply can't expect everyone to study
your links before wanting to help. Many of us have struggled with certain
aspects you've got so we're anxious to jump in and try to help. I would
think that's better than receiving silence to your post.

I don't know much about Glucerna but I do know that many of those drinks
are high in carbs. I know for a fact that losing weight with an ultra low
carb diet is nearly effortless, and doesn't require exercise to experience
great results. When I read Diabetes Solution by Richard K. Bernstein in
1999, I started following his plan. I lost 38 pounds in three and a half
months, without a bit of exercise.

Since you can't eat many foods, I'm wondering if you've tried a quality
protein powder which can be mixed with Almond or Soy milk (or whatever
kind of liquid you like. Hell, I've used vanilla powder in diet root
beer!). If you're getting enough protein and few enough carbs, your body
can't help but begin to burn fat, and a very low carb diet will enable you
to do that quickly.

Once weight begins to drop, your insulin needs will drop. Plus, low carb
diets less insulin, and are easier to manage, blood sugar-wise. When your
blood sugar begins to normalize, and weight begins to drop, I'm guessing
you'll feel good enough to want to start exercising.

As you already know, high blood sugar is probably the culprit for many of
your other health issues. That would be one of the first things I'd want
to address, and I'd want to do it very quickly. While a pump can be
helpful, it's only a tool, in my opinion. I've managed a below 6 A1C on
daily injections.

Good luck,
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