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Re: [IP] Frustrated, need to vent!

I'm sorry if I offended you with my suggestion to eat veggies. I was trying to
Good Luck

On Saturday, January 25, 2014 10:26 AM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted>

OK, I am only going to say this once more. I CAN NOT eat whole grain
foods, beans, nuts, seeds, skins, any food product that has strings
(think veins in leafy veggies), fruits and veggies including salads,
plus a whole list of other things included in the links below. I also
can't have anything with lactose, no seafood, tomatoes and melons.
People please read the link I put in my post about what I can and can
not have on my diet. Oh I also can have very limited fats. These things
will get stuck in my stomach and I vomit profusely and/or have to have
it surgically removed. (Besides the allergy stuff).


3 stage gastroparesis diet


Before another person suggests what to eat, study those and notice all
my allowed foods are high in carbohydrates and low in everything else,
esp when you cut out milk. Just so you know my stomach handles stage 2
foods on good days. The only veggies listed are also ones that happen to
be high in carbohydrates.

If I specialized dietician can't figure this out for me and keep my
blood sugar in check, I am certain some yahoo at Weight Watchers will
have absolutely no clue.

I do not sit in front of the TV all day, in fact I don't even own one. 
My exercise consists of getting up to pee, holding onto the walls, try
to keep from falling when I sit and then stand up and going back to bed
because I can't breathe and my heart is beating too fast and my blood
pressure is too high.

I am sorry I even posted this.

On 1/25/2014 7:24 AM, Michael Wilson wrote:
> Hi Louree..WOW! You certainly have a lot going on and for that I'm so
> have similar stomach issues as you but not as severe.  I am on  a pump and
> has helped me have better control. However I think the things that has
> me most of all are the following. I have cut out all meat and dairy, white
> flour and gone on a whole foods plant based diet. Eating this way I have
> weight and most of the time I don't have to give myself a bolus when I eat
> because of the veggies I eat and I eat a lot raw, cooked and steamed
> every day and a BIG salad with every meal. If you have computer access
> are hundreds of recipes  to use. I use the Dr. Fuhrman website but the are
> many diets like that all over the net............. Furhman, Mcdougal to
> just a few of many. My Endo says it has made a huge difference in my
> health.
> I wish you all the luck in the world with your health
> Michael
> On Saturday, January 25, 2014 4:38 AM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted>
> wrote:
> I don't post here much and I don't know who else to vent to so I hope
> you all don't mind. Please keep in mind, I am not looking for judgement
> for the choices I am making right now. If you have such, please keep
> them to yourself.
> My diabetes (last a1c 9.9), neuropathy (lots of untreated pain),
> gastroparesis (lots of untreated vomiting because I am limited to very
> few foods
> <http://www.emilysstomach.com/2013/01/gastroparesis-diet-from-mayo.html>
> not to mention the food allergies I have), neurogenic bladder (peeing
> myself all the time or cant pee at all) and my blood pressure etc are
> all out of control. I have been to dr after dr trying to get help and as
> one dr put it frankly, if I am not going to help myself (by losing
> weight and getting my a1c down etc) there is nothing she can or will do
> for me. This dr told me that she expects me to vigorously exercise for
> the next 8 weeks until I see her again. I told her I need to take baby
> steps and she huffed and said well when you are ready you just let me
> know. I can't sit up without my blood pressure raising by 40-50 points
> and it makes me woozy and so I have to stay in bed half the time. The
> other half the time is because I am in so much pain, I am exhausted
> because I sleep an hour or so at a time. I can't walk more than 30 yards
> to take out my garbage without being out of breath and so exhausted when
> I get back I fall asleep. My PCP called me into her office because she
> has received similar letters from other dr's she has referred me to
> lately. They have also boiled things down to my problems being
> psychologically based.
> I do have an adrenal tumor which is sporadically producing
> norepinephrine and my aldosterone levels are either borderline high or
> almost nill. My cortisol level likewise is not giving consistent numbers
> and I am waiting for a 24 hour cortisol test to come back. This is part
> of the reason I am seeing so many specialists. I am convinced my
> diabetes is so out of control because of my adrenal gland or some other
> hormone causing things to truly be out of my control. Back in Sept, I
> was forced into a psychiatric ward under the threat of being petitioned
> by the court because my diabetes is out of control and it must be my
> fault. I was screamed at twice by the medical doctor there for stealing
> food, hiding food you name it.
> Several doctors suggested an insulin pump, however my insurance does not
> cover one yet they cover the supplies. So I contacted the Charles Ray
> III Association and they said they would sell me a refurbished one for
> $1,360 cash. I am on disability and that is twice what I get a month,
> and I don't qualify for a credit card. I have sold a lot of my things
> trying to save for it but instead the money has gone to Glucerna. My
> insurance won't pay for that either unless I have a feeding tube.
> My blood sugar has bordered on 600 many times in the last few months and
> my blood pressure spikes puts me at imminent risk of a heart attack or a
> stroke.
> I called my insurance about bariatric surgery and they said I don't
> qualify because my BMI is slightly too low (34 and it has to be 35) and
> because they require that I prove for 6 months that I exercise and I eat
> fruits and veggies.
> I don't know what else to do except starve myself. In the last 10 days I
> have eaten either nothing at all, including juice or glucerna or when I
> have had a single Glucerna, I stop losing weight. I have lost some
> weight but I am stuck and I have gained 2 lbs back from drinking 1
> Glucerna a day the last 2 days. Honestly, I am contemplating taking meth
> to lose weight, and I abhor drugs.
> On top of it all, I am quickly losing my vision. I can't even read a
> book. My CDE gave me two paperbacks and I told her I couldn't read them
> and she insisted that my vision will fluctuate and I will be able to
> read them. I was so upset tonight I tore up one of those books. I would
> have never done that ever before. I value books.
> I know this sounds drastic but I am going to die if I don't do something
> and dr's wont help me. I have switched drs many times and I get this
> same attitude from all of them. Either doctors are too ignorant and/or
> lazy to see if something is wrong with me that is out of my control, or
> something is essentially wrong with me and I don't deserve to be treated
> and to live.
> I am just stuck between a rock and a hard place and I need help and no
> one will help me. I really don't want to die.
> Again, not looking for judgement. Reasonable advice will be considered
> but please keep in mind I have multiple extremely complicated things
> going on.
> Louree
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