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[IP] pump wishes WAS: Wizard: 'Do Not Bolus Until Blood Sugar is Normal'

me, too, on the 'delayed bolus' option
If I am 'low/er' and the food arrives and I want it to get a 15 minute 
head start, being able to set a delayed bolus would be GREAT!!
I find that if I don't do it or set a timer, I am more likely to forget, 
until getting the CGM's going high/over 180 warning/alarm : (

Another option I would like to see (but we know won't ever happen ha ha)
is being able to stack extended/combo bolus(es)
a slice of pizza is X units, 50% now, the other 50% over a 2 hr spread 
(just an example)
You get there, decide to only eat two and bolus, BUT, some friends join 
you abt half way thru the meal, etc and yo decide, hmm, another piece 
please....and unless math is your major AND you have the time to do the 
math, while trying to enjoy the friends (the purpose of going out, ha 
ha)  You make one o those SWAG things an play catch up later on........
this is an issue at grazing types of get-togethers.  YOU may have 
figured out exactly how to bolus for your favorite snack, but eating 
one, then one, then one is so much worse for BG control, even if 
spreading it out over the evening sounds/feels more 'normal' (non D) and 
probably is better for absorption/impact, etc.  :)

i know, I know, the liability, not so attentive pump users, etc will 
keep this from ever being a possibility...
but I can dream, can't I?

On 1/17/2014 9:38 AM, Pam wrote:
> All pumps have that feature (called Dual Wave on Minimed pumps). That's not
> what she means by delayed bolus. I think she means that none of the bolus is
 > given until some time later, say half an hour. Currently if you extend a
> over half an hour, it starts immediately and is given in small increments
> until it's completely done thirty minutes later. That's different then it
> waiting half an hour before starting and then being delivered all at once. I
> really wish it could do that. Pam
>> <This is why I wish there was a "delayed bolus".  You could tell the pump to
>> give you insulin in 15 minutes time, so the food could start bringing your
>> bg up some before the insulin kicks in. I know you can just give yourself
>> insulin 15 minutes later, but if I don't bolus when I am about to eat, I
>> tend to forget.
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