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Re: [IP] Pump and Wizard with Revel 723

> Hello:
> I am on this pump since Aug 2013 and I am loving every min of using this.
>  I am type 2.
> My question for you guys..
> When I do a BG check and its says 210, for example, and I need to do a
> Bolus correction to get it back in control. and about 5 mins later, when I
> am ready to eat as I am hungry, I needed use wizard again for 40 carbs, the
> 2nd time, in that wizard, I am seeing the BG of 210 in there,
> The question I have is, DO I need to take that 210 bg off from the wizard
> and put in 40 carbs in, and bolus
> OR
> Leave the 210 bg in there and add 40 carbs in and bolus as the pump would
> recognize that I have already have that corrections bolus....
> Thanks
> Yoel K

The Wizard can deal with this.  I always correct right away if I test high,
even if I plan on eating shortly after.  This way I am getting some insulin
right away.  When I bolus for the meal, the Wizard will subtract for the
active insulin.  It works very well.
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