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Re: [IP] exercising

I started a mild exercise program - yoga, before switching to the pump. I
found I had to eat a granola bar (29g carbs) before the noon class. One
goal after switching to the pump was to take the noon yoga class without
food in my stomach.

I first tried suspending the pump immediately before class - didn't work -
still got low (fortunately I have the CGM to alert me.)

I then tried suspending an hour before class - still got low.

Then I tried suspending 2 hours before - still got low.

Then my doctor suggested I adjust my breakfast carb ratio on yoga days. I
take 50-70% of breakfast insulin on class days, and in addition I suspend
the pump for 2 hours before class (and another hour during class). This
works for me.

I do have to take a bit more insulin with lunch on these days, probably to
account for the fact that I have very little insulin in my body after
reducing the breakfast bolus and suspending for 3 hours.

If you want to know how we used to adjust for exercise 40+ years ago, read
this article about my 20-mile walk that I decided to take all of a sudden
when I was 7 years old: http://stevenschoch.com/triumph/

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