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Re: [IP] RE: [IPn] Your opinion on new pump matters!

I chose my pump the whole way through (omnipod).  I didn't question what
their motives were in doing the survey as they did.  I did wonder how you
could select a pump without knowing anything about it.  I didn't care.  I
love my pump and have no desire to change, so that's what I checked off.

 On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Adam Brock
<email @ redacted>wrote:

>  Did anyone else take this survey? I felt like the premise of the survey
> was
> done poorly, and probably isn't going to garner the results they're
> looking for.
> Since there wasn't a place for comments on the survey, I thought I'd send
> this
> to the list to see if anyone else had the same thoughts.
>  The survey asks you to select one of several pumps based strictly on a
> picture
> and marketing phrase. It included a pump from OmniPod, T-Slim, Ping, and
> Medtronic and asks you to select the pump you'd most likely purchase if
> you were
> to buy one tomorrow. The survey doesn't contain any information about the
> features of the pump (sensor, multiple basal patterns, bolus wizard,
> minimum
> basal and bolus increments, proprietary or standard batteries, etc.). I
> felt
> like this was asking you to select a car based on phrases like "has a 6 DVD
> changer and navigation", "includes V8 and towing package" or "best gas
> mileage
> for vehicles in its class".
>  Not having researched the other pumps on the screen, I only felt I could
> choose
> my current pump, the Medtronic pump. I want to help this company design a
> good
> pump, but I don't have a good suggestion for changing their survey.
> Did anyone else feel this way or am I being too literal?
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> Subject: [IPn] Your opinion on new pump matters!
> Hello Pumpers,
> I've been contacted by the pump manufacturer Asante Solutons and they
> would like your input on potential designs of future generations of
> their Snap pump. If you would like your opinion to be heard, click on
> the link below.
>         http://questionpro.com/t/Aed6ZQjjE
> Your participation will help provide new product innovation for
> everyone in the diabetes community.
> Best regards,
> Michael Robinton
> Executive Director
> Insulin Pumpers
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