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Re: [IP] exercising

As long as the carbohydrates chosen have a lower glycemic index than 
table sugar (55-65 depending on whose GI table is used) this should work 
pretty well.  A slice of bread has a GI of 69 and a slice of whole wheat 
bread has a GI of 72 (!).  You are right...start running immediately 
after eating.

Denise Br.
On 1/12/2014 2:38 PM, Glenn Primack wrote:
> The food digests slowly since I am
> exercising and my blood sugars stay pretty stable.  I watch my Dexcom and
> always keep gummy bears in my pockets to take one or two of if I see my BS
> headed down.  Then in the last 20 minutes or so of exercise I usually turn
> my basal back to normal and give myself half a unit of insulin to get
> insulin in my system again and then monitor my blood sugars pretty closely
> when I get home.  It would be hard for me without a Dexcom.
> I did a 10 mile run this morning with that method with good results.  I
> think the key for me is exercising immediately after eating and not giving
> time for my sugars to spike.
> Glenn
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