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Re: [IP] 530 pump fact

The following tidbit of information is for users of Minimed CGMs with OCD

The CGM receivers (like the Paradigm Revel, Guardian, or 530G) will only
work for 3 (or 6) days at a time, while the transmitter will relay readings
from the sensor for 7 days. Every Minimed CGM user knows that you can
simply activate the "New Sensor" function after your CGM tells you the
sensor is done to get few more days (up to 7 days, when the transmitter
stops). Of course the FDA won't let your trainer tell you this, but we find
out somehow.

I didn't like the fact that scrolling the CGM history through one of these
3 (or 6) day periods would show a gap of 2 or 3 "Warm Up" readings in the

The way to get a continuous stream of readings every 5 minutes is this:

1. Shortly before the 3 (or 6) days are up, do a calibration.
2. Exactly 10 minutes later, do a "New Sensor".

The CGM then won't ask you to calibrate again, but will show the
calibration value without any gaps.

Like I said, this doesn't really matter, it's just to make the graph look

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