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RE: [IP] Using Mastisol

Hi John H.  
 I use Mastisol straight from the bottle. I draw an oval above my naval to
secure my DexG4, no applicator needed. Here's where I bought it from:

Great stuff.
Marie R.
 Diabetic 52+ years, since age 5 on Animas Ping and Dexcom G4 pumping since 2004

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  I have been using Skin Tac to secure my CGM sensors, but I want to try
something else.
  I am never sure if it's the reinforcing tape's adhesive or something else, but
I keep finding skin irritations when I remove the sensors. I have switched tapes
from Opsite Flexifix to Hypafix, and that seemed to help at first, but not with
my latest sensor.
So I figure it's now time to try Mastisol instead of Skin-Tac.

So here's the question.
Skin Tac in the bottle comes with a very handy applicator brush.
Mastisol, does not have anything similar.   It comes in a spray bottle,
  which I don't think will work, a (expensive) 2 oz bottle and people seem to be
using q-tips to apply it.
Finally, it comes in 2/3ml vials which claim to be single use.

So, how are people who are using Mastisol actually applying it.


John H
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