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[IP] Progress - blood glucose testing

Blood testing for glucose

 The glucometer traces its origin to 1965, when the Ames Company marketed paper
strips called Dextrostixban invention of Ernie Adamsbto physicians. To use
Dextrostix, your applied a drop of blood to the paper strip and waited for one
minute before washing it off. The color the blood leaves behind is then measured
against a color chart, which ultimately gives the person an approximation of the
level of glucose in the blood. However, Dextrostix usability was limited in that
blood glucose levels were often interpreted as either of two extremes: very high
or very low. Moreover, they were not particularly designed for patients; it was
for doctors to use in their medical practices.

 In the mid-1970s, Boehringer Mannheim produced the LifeScan bG, turning bG into
standard medical shorthand for blood glucose. Ames released its Glucometer in
1975, making glucometer a generic term for blood glucose meters.

 In 1979, the Dextrometer, also from Ames, became the first meter available
without a prescription.

 From '65 to '79: 15 years. I had one of those, went on MD I (multiple daily
injections) switched to 1st pump in June '81!

 really need to do a history of inventions and when became standard of care to
see how fast things movingb&
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