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Re: [IP] Insets


A few thoughts.

 Do you remember to remove the blue needle guard before inserting, I left it on
a couple
of times & insertion seemed to work but sugars were sky high.

 When inserting make sure the inserter is flat on the skin & not at an angle.
insertion press down on the center portion for a count of 5 to 10.

 When you remove the inserter, hold down the outer transparent section & pull up
 middle white twirly bit to release the canula then pull both bits straight up.
You must be
sure you pull it straight up or vertically to remove.

 I agree that it is a nuisance that there is no window in the Insets. Have you
tried the
 Inset30s which is basically a Comfort with an automatic inserter, it has a

Hope this helps.

>  I switched to insets to try and address my absorption problem. With the
 > automatic inserter I thought I could reach "Virgin" spots around back, but
 > infusion sets are terrible. Sugars are way high and when I pull out the set
 > can see that the cannula bent and never went in. This happens ALOT. Unlike
 > comforts you can't look through the window to see if the cannula went in so I
> left guessing.
 > Am I doing something wrong upon insertion? Has anyone experienced this and
> figured out a way to insert them so they work?
> Buster in MD
> .
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