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[IP] Re: Medicare and shingles shot

> Is the Shingles shot worth it and at what age should I get it?
> I am 30 and will be 31 in June I am on Medicare due to disabilities
> and have multiple health issues on top of the diabetes. I had
> chickenpox as a child.

My chickenpox story: I had 3 poxes when I was 3. I got shingles on my chest 
when I was 18. About 3 years ago my hugsband had shingles - a rash that he 
thought was mosquito bites that had entered his shirt and ate him up - no 
pain, no nothing other than the rash. Meanwhile, I was awakened on the 4th 
of July about 3:00 a.m. with a SEVERE pain in my side. After much 
medication, I went to my PCP She did not know what was wrong with me, but 
gave me vicodin. The dialysis nurses knew I had a major problem and got my 
nephrologist involved. He said it was neuropathy *of the left spare tire.* I 
did not agree. PCP then did some sleuthing and diagnosed me with internal 
shingles. Hugsy still had no pain just rash, I had the pain and no rash. 
Three Neurontin pills (1 on non-dialysis days) relieved me.

About 4-5 months later we got shingles shots.

I previously wrote:
> My hugsband and I both have Medicare and both of us got shingles shots.
> We  paid $0.00.

Sorry, I was wwwwrong. :-(  We both have Part D with different carriers. 
Mine cost about $34.00 and his was $11.00. My sis-in-law had to pay full 
price which was in the n'hood of $100. We still had good deals.

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