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Re: [IP] Re: new pump = new problems? Say it isn't so!!!

I just recieved my new Revel Paradigm Pump last week,,,,, after a year 
of waiting because of insurance, wow expensive, when you are broke.  
and my insurance ends 2/3/13. how about that.  anyway, I need to learn 
a few things, and will do the online courses.  I had to hook up it 
quickly and send back the loaner pump , in order for me to recieve one 
more shipment of supplies because of red tape and money and insurance.

I did not get the GCM thing, I did not want another device and could 
not afford to spend anymore.
THey also sent a new glucuse meter the Bayer Contuor ,  but being that 
my insurance ends in a few days and I already had placed an order for 
other strips I can do a new order, so that meter will sit in the box 
until I can get new insurance and such.

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Are you using the CGMS?  Some of the new features on the Revel for CGMS
include predictive alerts.  I've been using my Revel for close to 3 
years and
I have to admit I wasn't really sure how to prgram for the predictive 
I put in some settings and I did tweak them a couple of times after 
that and
it seems to be working out okay for the most part.  You can also silence
any/all of the CGMS alarms for a set period of time.

For the pump functions, the biggest change is you can now set basal 
rates in
.025 unit increments (your 522 goes in .05 steps).  You can also set 
in smaller increments.  That part confused a lot of people when the 
first came out but it's really not hard to set up.  You can bolus in as 
as .025 units (1/40th of a unit) but that works only if the total bolus 
less than 1 unit.  Between 1 -9.95 units, you can go in .05 increments 
of a unit).  If the bolus is 10 units or more, you can only set it in 
.1 unit
steps, which is the same as your current pump.  You do have to set up 
preferred increment first in the Bolus Wizard setup, the pump won't
automatically calculate to the nearest .025 unit if you're taking a 
bolus.  Once you set it up, it will remember and will calculate your 
bolus to
the smallest step possible depending on your total bolus.  Having the 
basal & bolus increments really is great.

You can also view IOB (insulin on board) whenever you want.  It will be 
on the
Home screen, and if you also have the Easy Bolus function turned on you 
just press the Up arrow once to view IOB.  I find that is much easier 
as the
Home screen can be cluttered and you might have to scroll down to see 
There is also a missed bolus reminder you can set up (I have that 
turned off), where if you don't bolus during a certain time of day it 
will ask
you if you forgot.  Since I don't eat at the same time every day this 
just annoy me with extra alarms.

Another great feature is the Capture Event menu.  You can use it to 
carbs that you eat for corrections, insulin that you've taken via 
syringe, you
can enter BGs there if you're not using one of the linked meters and 
you can
also put in an exercise marker that will show up on carelink reports.

It really isn't that hard to set up all of the new features.  You can 
keep them turned off and the pump will behave pretty much exactly like 
522.  There are a couple of extra warning/instruction screens that come 
when rewinding the pump and priming a set.  Those you can't turn off 
but it's
just a matter of pressing ACT to go to the next step.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS

I am upgrading from a Medtronic Paradigm 522 to the Revel 923 (I had not
>realized my current pump has been out of warranty for 2 years; they 
>from me about that!). All the reps at Medtronic assure me the new pump 
>basically the same as my current one, but with more features, and that 
>no problem programming it. They say I will not need specific training.
>I am very skeptical. I went to the Medtronic website and started the 
>tutorial, but I find it hard to follow (I'm no technology whiz) with
>differences from my current pump. So my question now to all of you who 
>already upgraded is.....will I be able to program the new pump with no
>significant problems?? By myself??
>Please tell me your experiences.
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