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[IP] I (heart) my G4 already

It seems that the Platinum G4 is more responsive than the 7+.  I 
(re)started the 7+ sensor before I put on the G4 sensor, but even so, it 
seems that the G4 started moving higher at a faster speed than the 7+ 
sensor.  (Yes!!!)  I also entered an extra calibration for the 7+, too, 
because it was hanging around 180 and not moving up when my fingerstick 
said 220.  Yes, I am having a bad day, but I am The Brittle One.  Even 
with no carbs, my BGs will go up- but only on certain days.  Not every 
day, and not often enough to change basal rates.

At the moment, after pushing an extra 5 units, the G4 gives me a lower 
BG reading, which is more typical.  Eventually, I expect to get to a 
point where the 7+ will say that I am about 120, but I'll be shaking 
away looking for sugary things to eat!

Also, found the Dexcom Studio software.  It offers drivers, and even 
offers to install drivers for the 7+ (because it's backward 
compatible).  I wandered around for a bit in it, but found thatunder 
Online Help, you can get the Users Guide!  You do need the DS software 
if you plan to charge a G4 on a personal computer (Why???), but oh well. 
I do not like the idea that the transmitter has to be replaced after 6 
months, but if the trade-off is improved performance, I can live with that.

Denise B.
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