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Re: [IP] Conversion Day for Dexcom

Hurray, Denise? I'm glad you got that bright and pretty case. Might as well
keep our equipment cheerful. Any little thing to make it a positive
experience. It helps!


On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, d-d wrote:

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> At last!  I am switching from my old Dexcom 7+ to the G4, which was
> sitting safely in my ex-husband's living room while I used up my 7+
> sensors.  He put the cardboard box containing the system into his car and
> proposed heading out to go shopping, but I nixed that idea: too much to
> lose if somebody decided the green box looked like a Clear modem and did a
> smash-and-grab!
> Based on what everybody has been saying about the case that Dexcom sent in
> the start-up kit, I ordered a case from Tallygear. My ex prefers dull,
> subtle colors, so I picked out the brightest and prettiest one on display.
> Did anyone else buy from her?  Sugabetic told me about her, so I'll give TG
> a try.
> My 7+ system notified me that I needed to change my sensor.  It's funny,
> after 2 and a half years, I no longer pay attention to how long a sensor
> has been riding along with me.  When I first started, I could tell you to
> the day and the hour when I'd inserted my current sensor.  So, at the
> moment, G4 is on the left and 7+ is on the right (reset). Tomorrow, I go
> for my endo visit and the 7+ will get downloaded.
> Somebody has spoken up for the 7+ system, which I hope to get in the mail
> to her by Friday at the latest. Now if anybody wants a really, really old
> 7+ system, the original receiver from July, 2010 is still working.  I
> haven't been using the transmitter for that one, so I have no idea if it
> works or not. If anybody is interested in those, please write to me
> off-list.
> Denise B.
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