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[IP] Bad Sites

Hello my dear pumping buddies........

I am having a serious problem with my pump sites being & going bad quickly.  I
use my midriff, upper and lower, upper arms, thighs.   I will change a site as
needed for a new reservoir.   Check bg, then check bg one hour later and
depending on my physical activity level it will be ok or will be high if I am
just sitting.  If High, I bolus and give it a second chance.   Test and bg
will be at two hundred level. Often, I go for a third trial after a generous
bolus for the two hundred.   A couple of hours later, it will be higher. So I
change sites again.   Process is frequently repeated four times in a two day

Yesterday.  I went through four canella sets.  One site seemed fine when I
removed canella, one sent a few drops of blood, one had a nice little bruise

I have at least a 1/2 inch of body fat through mid section, with spots of an
inch of body fat.   I have been poking holes in this area (even tried breasts)
for 27 years, so I know there is scar tissue everywhere.  I use the Silhouette
Paradigm with 17 mm needle. I insert just barely under skin and parallel with
skin.  Prime .6 for tube.

Would a shorter needle give me a better chance as it would, maybe, avoid scar
tissue?  I am open to any suggestions or comments.  I am about to go back to
no pump and just jab a needle in anywhere every couple hours.  I am at my wits
end, to put it mildly, plus, I have five pounds of tubing (keep trying to
recycle as much as possible) in a drawer.

Actually, I am of the school "You can have my pump when you pry it from my
cold dead hands!"  I just need to come up with a solution to this bad site

Thanks to all of you.  Y'all are a great group

Bonnie, 'Bama gal
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