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[IP] Driving

I think it is good practice to check BG before driving as well as getting up 
in the morning and going to bed at night or anytime "you just don't feel 
right". There were times that the CGMS said this and something else was 
going on. The CGMS is not accurate but is a good tool to bridge the gap of 
not testing as often as we have to. It does give doctors and our CDE's good 
information on how the pump is running and if any changes need to be made.
The doctor's signature is a good way to monitor diabetics that are on 
probation after an accident occurred, anything else would be too much 
government control over the disease and our own person that should not be 
allowed. LOL I wonder what Glen Beck on Fox news would say about that???? 
LOL Sharon

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 09:48:53 -0600
From: "Denise M. Bricher" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: driving

In MN, all IDDM people have to get a doctor's signature on a form that
says that this person is capable of driving a car.  They want to know
certain other things, for example, the date of the last episode of
hypoglycemia that required the assistance of another to overcome.  The
form must be submitted at varying intervals.  For some diabetics, it is
6 months.  I asked my doctor to check the box for the 4-year interval -
I haven't passed out with a low since 1991 (knock on wood).  It's not a
very fair law, but at the time it came into existence during the '70s,
it was the best solution to the problem of diabetics losing control of
their vehicles because of wacky blood sugars.  The impetus came from a
person who lost a loved one, who I believe was a child, in an accident
that occurred that way.

An updated version would skip the signature business, and require a CGMS
in use (when possible) or current BG reading in range, or better yet,
both of those, plus glucose tablets or other source of sugar to treat a
low.  That would accomplish far more than a piece of paper.

Off my soapbox,
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