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RE: [IP] driving

So you put two hours' worth of basal up front in addition to the correction
you give for the high bg?  Do you always do this or is there a threshold where
you would do this for a correction, say, over 250 or something?  I know that
the higher the bg, the more insulin past the usual correction factor it may
take to bring it down, but we've never been sure at what bg we should start to
add extra insulin beyond the correction.
MaryMom of Dan, 19, dx 01 pumping cozmo 03, dexcom 09

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 It is not wrong to cover your highs with extra insulin you are supposed
too.....did you take extra to bring it down faster....perhaps. If that is the
case and I see that my BG is coming down too fast then I take a snack at 200
rather than wait for the low to get closer.

 The key I have found "for me" YMMV is to add two hours worth of the basal
insulin and then lower your basal temporary rate for two hours. So if you use
1.0 per hour you can add 2.0 to your bolus shoot and lower your basal rates
10% for 2 hours....OBVIOUSILY this is something you have to play with to find
what works for you...some people are way more sensitive to insulin and would
require a more cautious approach. I find it helps get my BG back in line
an hour or two instead of the usual several hours.


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The last time I had a reaction, maybe a couple of months ago, I was told by
superior that I may face losing my license. Well, I had two in the last
of days, even with a CGM (which I don't think is loud enough). My provincial
(big boss) is coming to supper Monday night and that is going to be a topic
discussion. I am so fricking mad at how unfair life can be. Did I try to
some highs with extra insulin? Yes. Am I wrong? Yes. But I want to do what I
always want to do when I get in trouble, just slide under a hole somewhere
hide.I hate the thought of not being able to go anywhere without a ride. It
will put a serious cramp to my efforts to find full time work. Please pray I
find a solution that will work. Dennis in KY

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