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[IP] Attached devices revealed

 Recently I have had a rash of doctor appointments that required I wear a gown
for examination.
 Three times the first response from the doctor was "What is that"...three times
I was confused
 And had to scramble to realize they were asking about my MM sensor on my

 One doctor began to talk about my treatment as if I was type 2 she just assumed
since her Mom was type 2...geez.

 There is a big poster in a common area of my office that explains Type 1 as
"juvenile diabetes" or "insulin dependant" and requiring an aspirin a day
treatment...oh yeah and a "strict diet" the subject of diabetes had become so
wrapped up in misinformation it is hard to separate the truth these days.

 I have a friend that is type 2, maybe, except no amount of exercise or carb
free eating was keeping his BG in check...he needed insulin. I sent him a few
articles about type 1.5...does he have it? IDk, but he needed insulin there is
no doubt...whether it is type 1 or type 2 it is complicated. BTW yes he had the
C-peptide test but I did get that involved it is between him and his
doctor....the key was he felt going on insulin was a failure somehow and he was
able to learn that you can lose your ability to make enough insulin it is not
always about insulin resistance...the media has everyone convinced that exercise
and "proper" eating will solve all problems.

 For me I tell people I am on insulin and sugar...I use both to keep my BG as
level as possible. I found the closer you stay to the line to more small
corrections you may need through the day. When I lose it completely and see my
BG climb too high I have learned to use Super boluses to get it back down

Complicated I tell you complicated...YMMV


You can tell when someone has a serious interest and when someone is just
being downright nosy and/or rude.  Those who have a serious legitimate
interest always start with "Excuse me........................" .  Those
folks get an honest explanation.  Those that come out with hey lady is that
a skin cancer..... or some other such rude or smart alecky statement get the
same in return.  But what my real point is - isn't it rather rude to ask
someone what a lump is under their clothing?

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