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Re: [IP] driving


I myself would rather have high sugars than low.... the lows seem to come on
so quickly, while the highs have less of an immediate effect on my actions.

Maybe pop a glucose tab before driving?

Did you have the lows while driving a company vehicle? Do you have a
Commercial Drivers License?

Does your CGM have a vibrate? When I was looking for a pump, I needed one
that I could feel vibrate - I couldn't hear most of the alarms.

In most states, driving under the influence is illegal. That can have some
wide areas of what that may mean - if they are nasty enough, they could say
you had too much insulin in your system (if they took your glucose!)

Also, if the state feels you are unsafe to drive, they can take away your
license. Maybe have your basals checked, and try to remember to test before
you drive! You need to be safe. If I didn't live in Vegas, I would leave a
meter in my car, but the summer heats would destroy my strips (110+).

Let us know what happens, and if you need any more info!


> Why are you being told that you are going to lose your license? I have had
> trouble myself driving and I have not lost my license, but I also live in
> PA.
> > The last time I had a reaction, maybe a couple of months ago, I was told
> by
> my superior that I may face losing my license. Well, I had two in the last
> couple of days, even with a CGM (which I don't think is loud enough).

> My provincial (big boss) is coming to supper Monday night and that is going
> to be a topic  of discussion. I am so fricking mad at how unfair life can
> be. Did I try to cover some highs with extra insulin? Yes. Am I wrong? Yes.
> But I want to do what
>  I always want to do when I get in trouble, just slide under a hole
> somewhere
>   and  hide.I hate the thought of not being able to go anywhere without a
> ride. It
>  will put a serious cramp to my efforts to find full time work. Please pray
>  find a solution that will work. Dennis in KY</snip>
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