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Re: [IP] Been approved for CGMS

Hi Steve, 

 I'm your pumper buddy from our CGMS class at Joslin and find myself at about
the same level of accomplishment. Keep at it!

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I have been on the CGMS for about 3 weeks now. DON'T get frustrated. I am 
finally getting sensor insertion, calibration, and use down pat. 

Good luck 

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Subject: [IP] Been approved for CGMS 

I am jumping for joy. MM called me today and said insurance approved my for 
new pump with CGMS. I didn't have to send the insurance anything. We started 
this process Friday and to day I was told the happy news. I should have 
sometime next week. I have learned so much from all of you, but I am sure I 
will have questions. 
Thanks to the everyone for you help with DO 
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