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Re: [IP] What Is Wrong....

 I agree with all you and Veronica say. And also each of our treatments are
different, if not unique. If it matters, in my case and at some considerable
financial sacrifice I support my CGMS habit and blood test the bare minimum. I
stretch my sensor as long as I can to ameliorate that cost to me, as long as I
am getting some more info than the noise. I just started my Dexcom sensor for
its third week, hoping I can get a few more days.
 I read your helpful and instructive notes all the time. I wish us all a better
future. I know the technology is helping. I hope the insurance mess will be
corrected. I remain optimistic, notwithstanding evidence to the contrary. Good
night, Jay

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> Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 8:08 PM
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> At 07:57 PM 1/27/2010, Jay Wilson wrote:
> > I agree.
> >  It is, however, disengenuous for us to assume we
> have a co-operative partner
> > with our insurance company, or Medicare for that
> matter, based upon our and our
> > employers' premiums and our lifetime Medicare
> insurance payments.
> >  Something better is coming. Nothing worse could
> happen, based upon the hoops
> > all of us jump through or trip over to get reasonable
> support for our medical
> > needs. We ARE all worth it, you are right. It is
> unfortunate that needs to be
> > stated. Jay
> I'm curious now.  What do you do about glucose test
> strips?  They are way more expensive than my pump
> supplies.  At this time, about $100 a month more
> expensive.  Don't tell me you only test once or twice
> per day?
> I agree with Veronica.  I pay a premium to my
> insurance company.  Their contract with me says they
> will pay for this and that.  The state I live in says
> that the insurance company must pay for the diabetes
> supplies prescribed by my doctor.  When they refuse to
> do so, they are breaking the contract and state law. 
> They should not be allowed to do so, and I should not have
> to reuse infusion sets at high peril to my well being. 
> Let me tell you something.  I watched my sister, who
> also had Type 1 diabetes, get her leg chopped off and
> eventually die because her insurance company was more
> interested in profits than her life.  I will not allow
> that to happen to me.
> RoseLea
> .
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